Video Marketing: The SEO Fundamentals

Video marketing is changing the way businesses communicate with their prospects and customers. Video is a highly unique form of marketing because it provides the opportunity to connect with consumers at a much deeper level.

Many people have created personal brands from creating their own vlogs, tutorials and video-game montages. Some of these people earn an incredible amount of passive income from their video-centric ventures. Speaking of passive income, there are plenty of passive income ideas that involve video marketing on sites such as Youtube.

Think about a time where you browsed to someone’s website and up pops a video of them talking about how they can help you. What impression did that give you? How does that compare with seeing someone’s picture next to some homepage text about their services?

Video is personable. We can relate to people so we love watching video.

From a creative perspective, it’s also (in many cases) easier to create a video as opposed to writing a long-form piece of content.

For many businesses all over the world, writing a piece of content or posting on other publications is one of their top priorities. Everyone is fighting for that precious page-one position in Google.

Luckily, we have all the tools we need to rank on the first page and with the right education, almost anyone can implement a successful SEO strategy for their business.

Here are some eye-popping stats to consider with search engines in mind:

So how does this all relate to video marketing?

Youtube is owned by Google and is the second largest search engine in the world.

Many people use Youtube in a similar way to Google – searching for things that interest them through the search engine feature.

A working strategy for Google SEO can be implemented in a similar way for Youtube video ranking.

Here are a few useful tips to give you a head-start:

#1 – The basics of video optimisation

Getting eyeballs onto your videos when you don’t have too many subscribers is a tough challenge at the start of your video marketing journey. Covering the fundamentals of video optimisation ensures your video reaches the people that are searching for it.

Here’s how you can optimise your video on Youtube:

  • Use relevant titles, descriptions and tags.
  • Pick a captivating image for your thumbnail to increase CTR.
  • Leverage social media to increase initial views

Check out the example below…

These are the absolute basics that everyone should be doing.

#2 – Perform Keyword Research

As mentioned before, Youtube operates in a very similare way to Google through a search engine. You can use the Youtube Keyword Tool to scope out search volume and perform some very powerful keyword research. The right keywords can mean the difference between a profitable channel and a failing video marketing strategy.

Once you find relevant keywords, ensure they are added to your video title and description. has a great Youtube keyword research tool that can be used to find some fantastic diamonds in the rough..


Where Youtube slightly differs in terms of keywords is that people are usually searching for things that relate to information discovery. People like to venture out and discover new and interesting things through Youtube.

A great way to find powerful keywords is to reverse-engineer the competition. Find out what their most popular keywords terms are and target those with better content!

#3 – Let Youtube find your video

This relates to the first tip as it’s very basic but still highly important. Pay attention to the tags and categories of your Youtube videos. Tags can heavily influence the ranking of your video based on the keywords you add, so choose wisely.

Once you’ve carefully picked your tags you’ll want to add your video to a relevant category to further improve your video search ranking potential. All these little things help Youtube understand what your video is all about, making it easier for you to rank highly.

#4 – Leverage Youtube Ads

youtube advertising

Youtube Ads can be a relatively inexpensive way to get your first few hundred hits on your video. It costs as little as a few pennies per view and can help boost the number of initial comments and shares you get on your video creation.

Many business owners use Youtube ads alone to advertsie their businesses and drived leads to their landing pages. It’s a highly effective way to generate leads and make sales in almost any type of business. As mentioned earlier, Youtube is now owned by Google so you’ll need to sign up for Google adwords to serve your video ads on Youtube.

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