How Search Engine Marketing Has Changed In 2016

how search engine marketing has changed

Google is constantly adapting and changing their search engine algorithm. They’re increasingly focusing on the user experience, promoting sites that people spend more time on.

Google is displaying less results on the first page, making it more difficult to get those first page rankings. According to a recent report from Searchmetrics, Google almost always used to display 10 text-based results on the first page of the SERP’s. The search engine now usually shows slightly less results. An average of 8.59 results are shown to desktop users and 8.5 for smartphone users.

One of the biggest reasons for the reduction in text-based search results being displayed is the integration of an increasing number of supplementary boxes. This includes things like knowledge graphs and images in the search engine results page. 34% of search results now include images, 24% include videos and 20% include knowledge graphs.

People searching on desktop are most likely to receive supplementary boxes in their results.

These numbers mean that business owners are having to hustle harder to reach that all important first page. This may seem like a pain for business owners but its definitely a good thing. This will drive companies to create content that is outstanding. Everyone wants to have an awesome user experience and Google’s constant algorithm adjustments forces businesses to become adaptable and versatile. It also encourages a complete white-hate approach to SEO.

The days of spamming your website with backlinks from shady websites are all over. If you want sustainable rankings on the first page of Google for solid keywords, you’re going to have to create some awesome content. There are two main elements to a successful content marketing campaign.

  1. Creating awesome content.
  2. Promoting that awesome content.

You should spend 20% of your time creating AMAZING content that will wow your readers. The other 80% of the time should be spent promoting your content.

Trust me, the hustle will pay off. You may need to send out 300 emails to acquire a handful of links but once you gain those links and rankings it will potentially serve you for years so it is well worth the investment.

Many business owners find it very difficult to rank their brand new website in Google but patience and consistency is key to high search rankings.

SEO may seem like a really long-term process and yes it doesn’t produce results in a few days but if done correctly, it can be on e of the most lucrative marketing strategies for your business.

I come across posts that have been on the first page for ten years. Imagine the amount of traffic, leads and sales these businesses are generating from ancient posts that are still ranking and getting consistent traffic.

Here is an infographic that displays more Google page insights:



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