How To Rank A Brand New Site In Google

how to rank a brand new site in google

Starting an online business is something that is becoming increasingly common as more opportunities are made available to us. The internet has blown the fire doors open in terms of the traditional hurdles and barriers of entry for online business.

Business models such as consulting and affiliate marketing have made it easy for people to start their own business with just a few thousands dollars.

A new form of consulting is coming to the forefront of online business. It's a type of consulting that doesn't require huge corporate offices or time-consuming face-to-face meetings. Instead, you can run this consulting business from home with just a laptop and internet connection. A man that goes by the name of Sam Ovens has created one of the most comprehensive training courses that help people get started with this business.

With that being said, what do you do after you create your website? How do you drive traffic to it?

These are the fundamental questions that i’ll be answering on this blog post.

Traffic is the most important part of any online business. And not just any traffic, targeted traffic is exactly what you need to generate leads and drive sales.

There are plenty of ways you can leverage SEO for your online business.

Here is one key strategy that will help you rank higher in Google and start getting that organic traffic that you really need:

Create a PBN

When you first get started with your website and you’re not an AMAZING writer, people aren’t going to link to you. There are plenty of articles out there that will tell you to use email outreach and many other techniques to build links to your website but the reality of the situation is that this is extremely difficult, especially when first getting started.

What is a PBN?

A PBN is a Private Blog Network. It is a network of websites that you own and manage. These websites are used to build inks to your main website to increase your rankings in the Google search engine results pages. A PBN site can be any type of website but typically it takes the form of a blog with a bunch of articles.

Does Google Allow This?

Nope. This is a strategy that is viewed by Google as being “black-hat” meaning that if you’re caught, Google will penalise your website. Google doesn’t want you to “build links” they want you to acquire links naturally through producing amazing content and creating a brand that people talk about. The bottom line is that it’s risky business but on the contrary, if it’s done correctly, Google will never find out.

Why Is Google Targeting PBN’s?

Google is targeting private blog networks because they rank websites. They just plain work. They enable people to rank highly in Google without paying for ads or spending thousands of pounds promoting their brand and business. Google’s ranking algorithm is still heavily based on backlinks and people with PBN’s are ranking their websites on the first page of Google time and time again so Google is doing their best to crack down on this.

Why Should I Create a PBN?

A PBN is very powerful because it involves obtaining domains that already have great SEO metrics, couple that with the ability to control content, link location and anchor text and you have a recipe for a very powerful ranking strategy.

Purchasing the right expired domains make all the difference. There are plenty of tools out there that allow you to assess the backlink profile of a website as well as view the site’s history.

In the next article, we’ll go into the nuts and bolts of how to create your PBN, from start to finish.

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