Backlink marketing was created to help people rank their websites. We specialise in creating short, succinct blog posts that provide actionable information that people can implement right away. Search engine optimisation has become a science, Google is constantly updating their algorithm and making big changes to the way they rank websites in the SERP’s.

SEO has become absolutely essential for anyone who wants to get organic traffic, create an audience, generate leads and make sales in their business. Mastering SEO doesn’t have to take years. Many people are misinformed about what they need to do to rank with the major search engines.

One of the biggest misconceptions about SEO is that you should “keep your blog regularly updated with fresh, quality content”. the search engines don’t care about fresh content. Backlinks are still the biggest ranking factor with all search engines.

Backlinks are something that many companies neglect. It seems like they do everything else apart from building links to their website.

We show you strategies and techniques that you can implement in your company right away. Strategies and techniques that will actually move the needle and make a different to your organic rankings in a short space of time.

We hope you enjoy the bitesize content we create for you!